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Our Standards

Positive Healthcare conduct and integrity are more important to us than our business. Therefore, we take our obligations toward our clients, workers and new candidates very seriously.

  • Pricing - Positive Healthcare will always recognise that it is important to provide value for money and recognise that we are not just business people but also tax payers and citizens who wish to work in a spirit of partnership with the NHS and our other clients, working collaboratively with them in terms of delivering the right quality of workers, in the right numbers and at the right price.

  • Quality Positive Healthcare will always ensure that all of its recruitment processes conform to the highest standards of compliance and observe the latest industry regulations and legislative changes. We will also ensure that all clients and workers have access to appropriate data that we hold on file and that we will respond to every request for data in a timely manner.

  • Recruitment - Positive Healthcare will always treat its workers and candidates with honesty, kindness and respect and endeavour to make candidate registration as worker friendly as possible. Furthermore we will always pay wages in the same week that we receive timesheets and we will always supply our workers with a comprehensive reference within 48 hours if they ever need one, together with all their mandatory training certificates and any other documents that they need to pursue employment elsewhere. We also promise never to compromise the reputation of our workers by using their names for “ghost bookings” or neglecting them whenever they need our help to resolve an incident on the ward. In return, we hope that our workers will represent Positive Healthcare with reliability and professionalism in dealing with patients and work colleagues, and show respect and compassion to everyone in their care.

  • Service - Positive Healthcare's office staff will always see themselves not merely as suppliers, but as extended employees of our clients i.e. respectful, responsive and submitted to client protocols and processes. Our office staff are trained and encouraged to establish long term working relationships with our workers by respecting the need to be transparent and efficient in monitoring availability and allocating assignments