There are all sorts of roles available within the allied health professions. 

You could help treat a broken toe or assess and make recommendations for someone‚Äôs diet. The allied health professions (AHPs) include everything from podiatrist, dietitian, and music therapist, to physiotherapist, diagnostic radiographer, therapeutic radiographer, and speech and language therapist. 

Whichever you choose, you'll make a big difference to patient care. Whether you're interested in science, the arts or physical movement, you're bound to find a role to suit you.

Entry requirements

Entry requirements to be an AHP vary, and acquiring the knowledge and skills to become a professional involves training and study at degree or diploma level. The academic requirements and training demands are high, but so are the rewards, in terms of both job satisfaction and career prospects. For more information, call us on: 0330 335 1122